3-phase BLU

Three phase BLU is a true online transformer-based UPS that uses state of the art storage technology using Super-caps. It provides safe and continuous electric power suitable for large scale industrial, commercial and IT applications. The solution ranges from 10kVA to 200kVA with runtimes from few minutes to several hours. The robust design of UPS and longer service life of ESD, allows extended warranty.


Single-phase LF BLU

Single phase Low Frequency BLU is a transformer-based true online technology offered with the best in class backup provided by super-capacitors. It is a perfect power solution for small scale industrial and commercial enterprises. The solutions are available from 3kVA to 10kVA with standard and extended runtimes.


Single-phase HF BLU

Single Phase High frequency BLU is transformer-less, true online UPS with ultimate backup via super-capacitors. This high frequency UPS with its compact design is most suitable for workstations, servers, ATMs, surveillance, IT and networking devices. The solutions range from 1kVA to 10kVA with short and longer backups.


Line Interactive BLU

Single Phase Line Interactive BLU is transformer-based, pure sine wave UPS. This model with its compact design is most suitable for small office and home office applications like PCs, workstations and POS. The solution is available from 600VA to 1000VA for short and longer backups.



  • -12VDC SIRIUS Module
  • -48VDC SIRIUS Modules
  • -384VDC SIRIUS Modules
SIRIUS ESD Modules use the innovative super-capacitors to provide energy storage solutions for UPS, Solar and Telecom applications. Its features like longest service life, high power capability and a wide temperature operating range makes it the ultimate storage solution in the market. The solutions range from 12Vdc to 384Vdc and can be scale-able from Wh to MWh.