Telecom/BTS Sites

Sirius energy storage is poised to become the storage of choice for cell towers around the world. Wide operating temperature range eliminates auxiliary cooling/heating infrastructure, and rapid charge capability reduces Genset runtime drastically specially, at off-grid sites. Compatibility with existing rectifier and well-suited form factor makes Sirius, a perfect retrofit solution for BTS sites.


Whether deployed for residential, commercial or industrial storage, Sirius delivers the exceptional performance metrics and economics for Solar plus storage applications. Compatibility with all existing inverters along with highest delivered efficiency ensures lowest OpEx, so faster payback. Long cycle life and quick charge capability allows optimized PV sizing.


WRL single phase BLU) with Sirius energy storage is most suitable for banking power applications related to IT, security & surveillance and specifically on-site & off-site ATM. The scalable backup time, quick charge capability and embedded power protection enables extended warranty and long life operation of BLU. Single phase solutions are available upto 10KVA with short and longer backups.


WRL three phase BLU with Sirius energy storage and built-in galvanic isolation is ideally suited for Bio-Medical infrastructure. The robust design with embedded PFC, SVPWM based inverter, built-in transformer and long life Sirius energy storage ensures ultimate protection, mixed load handling and longest service life. The solution ranges from 10kW to MW with runtimes from few minutes to several hours.


Centauri energy server with Sirius energy storage is a singular, fully integrated platform that delivers utility grade power from parallel DC and/or AC inputs with seamless and programmable switching between multiple sources. Our containerized Micro-grid solution can be deployed in any location, to service any kind of load profile (from KW to MW), with or without grid access and/or Genset availability. It ensures plug-n-play connectivity with software monitoring and control.

Pole-embedded Storage

WRL launched uniquely designed Sirius energy storage for point specific infrastructure such as Solar LED street lights. It’s intelligent design & smart footprint makes it invulnerable to theft. Quick charging and high operating temperature ensures optimized PV and 12-16 hour backup during hot and cold weather, while highest cyclic life at 100% DoD ensures sustained performance for years.

USB Rechargeable AA Battery

WRL introduced super capacitor based state-of-the-art USB Rechargeable AA & AAA sized energy storage cells. Due to inherent technological edge, every single cell will give longest service life for years without failure, while intelligent re-charging technique ensures quick charging and user-friendly operations for consumer.

Multi-functional Power Bank

WRL is dedicated in bringing new power storage innovations to every aspect of our electric lives. Following our strategy, WRL launched multi-purpose power pack that includes (1) Mobile phone charging slot (2) High power flashlight (3) Car battery cranking kit (4) air-compressor kit for car. Internal storage based on super capacitor, therefore inherent benefits and long service life is a constant factor.

Automotive - Cap-crank Battery

Our disruptive technologies are designed to optimize energy storage and supply to the most integral parts of our collective future. Cap-crank battery is a game changer with regards to the automotive industry. It leverages both consumers and vendors to bank on sustainable long life performance rather than traditional chemical batteries and frequent replacements after every few months. The product line includes battery range from two wheeler to 16-wheeler vehicles.

Short-backup Battery (7Ah replacement)

WRL introduced super capacitor battery with similar footprint of most utilized 7AH battery for short backup UPS. The existing 7AH chemical battery is the only sour point for this micro application because of frequent replacement. Specifically designed battery ensures longer backup than traditional 7AH battery and also give long service life. This battery can be installed with any brand of UPS.