We were, are, and will be a company of innovators.

We are
Manufacturers, Marketers and Distributors
of industry-standard power & energy storage products.


We pride ourselves on being a company of innovators. The story of WRL starts with the curious mind of a young Waseem Ashraf Qureshi. Born and bred in an energy-starved country, Waseem set about tinkering with electronics from a very early age.

His experiments started bearing fruit when, at the tender age of just 15, he bagged the Presidential Award for Excellence on innovating a battery-based UPS. This milestone sparked his passion and he started dreaming bigger.

This was his Eureka moment; he henceforth set about on a path to pursue innovation not just through his own experiments, but by recruiting other curious minds as well, working on a myriad of projects and businesses.

Over the next 30 years, Waseem’s vision crystallized into what is today known as WRL, a global conglomerate of innovation-based energy storage and management. The spark he discovered at a young age is now shared by hundreds of people under the WRL banner, harnessing the power of electricity and streamlining it for a better, brighter world.

From Watt
To World

WRL aspires to lead the world with innovative technology and imperative sustainable energy storage solutions in the 21st century to make this world a better place.

We’re dedicated to bringing ever-smarter technology to every person on earth and improve people’s lives through meaningful innovations. We pride ourselves on practical applications that constantly benefit our customers and add value to society through diverse industries such as electricity, transport, agriculture, industries and homes.


Making strides in the technology sector, WRL technologies is a global company with a proven track record of innovative technology and sustainable alternatives for energy storage and dissemination solutions. With corporate headquarters based in Lahore, advanced research labs in Dubai and manufacturing facilities at Guangzhou, WRL is triumphantly on the bleeding edge of global energy storage and management in five different continents.

WRL’s products are an expression of research-backed innovation and create practical solutions to revamp the vision of our collective future. Our major breakthroughs in the current state of technology serve our dedicated approach towards the global energy crisis: high-performance, cost-effective, and efficient innovations reducing the load on the environment.

We consider engineering innovative solutions
not just as a part of any given task at hand. It’s not just as part of our job.
We bring this enginnovation mindset to our lives and goals, as individuals as well as a company.