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WRL Technologies Inc. is enabling electrification and decarbonization by setting new benchmarks for performance of storage technology, delivering
the widest operating temperature range, degradation-free capacity, fastest charging speeds (without affecting life or capacity),
highest energy density, best safety, lowest cost, longest life and the most environmentally sustainable.

Chemical Batteries (Liquid or Solid-State) Will Not be Good Enough

Chemical batteries are limited by the science of electro-chemical storage. Their performance degrades in real-world temperature ranges (they only perform adequately in the limited range of 0°C to 35°C*).

Their capacity constantly degrades with use, therefore a used vehicle (or boat or plane) market will never develop. They can never be charged quickly, even 15 minute charge times are harmful and reduces cycle life. They are always oversized to handle high rate-of-discharge (e.g. when an EV is accelerating), so they will always be bulky even with advances in energy density.

Since they contain chemicals, the risk of igniting will never go away. To overcome all these challenges, they will always be expensive. And finally, because of their chemical construct, they degrade with use so their life is always going to be limited and they will most likely always be a net pollutant.

* From publicly available data of readily available batteries in the market.


Solid-State Capacitor Based Storage
Now Enables Electrification and Decarbonization
Electrification and decarbonization require performance which is beyond the scope of chemical batteries, both solid-state and liquid. There is a need for high charging/discharging speeds, for multiple cycles a day, for operations in very high and very low temperatures, for consistent capacity over life, for low-maintenance and safe operation under these demanding conditions at an affordable cost and at scale.

WRL Technologies solid-state, high energy capacity capacitor-based storage meets these demanding requirements – it is non-chemical, has 1.5x the energy density of existing chemical cells, has 4 – 10x longer life than chemical / solid-state batteries, does not degrade with cycling, is safe, is environmentally sustainable and recyclable, operates in a very wide temperature range, has abundant availability of raw materials and has the lowest cost in the industry.


High Energy Density Capacitor Technology

WRL’s technology consists of a graphite-based high energy density capacitor with a solid-state dielectric and proprietary embedded electronics for monitoring and control.
Functions and features
Technical Data

Setting New Benchmarks

for Energy Storage


Energy Density

No Risk

Thermal Runaway

<1 min.

0% – 80% SOC

<6 min.

0% – 100% SOC

10,000 Cycles




-30°C to 80°C

Operating Temperature

Flexible (Structural)

Form Factor

About WRL Technologies Inc.

WRL Technologies Inc. has developed solid-state high energy density capacitor technology, an advanced solid-state storage technology based on electrostatic storage principles. The Company will be delivering production models for deployment in diverse applications.


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